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New Fort Vine Art! 

These new hand-stenciled Fort Vine tapestries, inspired by the recent solar eclipse, are available now for purchase so you can hang up some cool art on your bare naked walls!

Gonzo Today Reviews "One In the Same" 

Joe Siess writes a great review of our album, "One In the Same". In an excerpt from the review Siess says, "As somebody who doesn’t listen to much indie music, I listened to Fort Vine’s album several times to get a sense of who they are. And I can totally say I thoroughly enjoyed going on their musical journey." He also fell in love with Nyna's beautiful voice. "Listening to Fort Vine’s debut album entitled One in the Same, and checking out their stuff online, I came to the conclusion that Nyna Nelson needs to do way more songs. Nelson is beautiful and sings great and her sound is her own." Check out the full review by clicking HERE.