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Songwriting Retreat Day 1 

Yesterday we had a great day driving Upstate. It was a sweet feeling to leave the city, knowing we were headed to the countryside. We stocked up on delicious groceries at the local Hannaford grocery store and then picked up Luke at the Hudson train station. Late last night we finally got all our music equipment up and running. We had a little trouble getting the audio interfaces working in sync but Luke and Kenny are geniuses and figured it out! We all hit the hay around 2am. It was a great first day! Today we get busy writing some new grooves. Stay tuned.

(The photo above is our "studio" set up that invaded the living room.)

Fort Vine Songwriting Retreat 

In two days we will pack up all our music gear from our Brooklyn studio and head into the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York for a week-long songwriting retreat! (16th-22nd) We will be living together, drinking coffee every morning next to the warm wood stove and letting the inspiration of the country air amplify our creativity. The beauty of technology these days is that you, too can be a part of this experience by following our Blog, TwitterFacebook and Instagram. We may even stream some of our songwriting sessions live through a free app you can download to your phone called Periscope.  Fun stuff! 

Our goal for this trip is to write music for the next album. We're excited to test out this form of collaboration and share with you the new material we create together. 

When we return from the Catskill Mountains we will be performing at The Bowery Electric on January 29th at 8:00p.m. If you'll be in NYC that Friday night you can pre-order tickets HERE.

Fort Vine Nature Tagging 

As we were walking through the woods in Upstate New York, all leafy-brown and ready for winter, we felt the energy of the forest move us and began to get creative! We collected twigs, ferns, acorns, berries, pine needles and little white flowers. We spelled out Fort Vine on some beautiful bright green moss we found on a cold grey rock. Then we thought how fun it would be if other Fort Viners started creating their own Fort Vine art with found objects in nature. Please be a part of this cooperative art project and share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram by tagging us @fortvine and including #fortvinenaturetag in the description. 

The New York Observer Discovers Fort Vine 

Rob Ledonne of The New York Observer has written a great article about Fort Vine. We were included as one of New York City's best unsigned bands and we are so humbly grateful. The article is about how difficult it is to be a successful band in New York City but the truth is that it's just plain hard to do that anywhere. I attribute any of our success to our family and fans who really believe in our art and invest their time and money to help us share it with the world.