Recording At Rose Studios

Last week we finished recording drums and bass for our new album! We spent three 10 hour days in Rose Studios with the incredibly talented Danny Rose, who engineered the sessions. We captured some pretty awesome moments in the studio…

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Balcony TV Performance in Brooklyn, NY

We were thrilled when BalconyTV Brooklyn invited us to perform one of our songs on their rooftop in Greenpoint. What a perfect sunny day to play "On Holiday"- it felt like perpetual vacation up there with that incredible view of…Read more

A Look Back at Our Songwriting Retreat

Our songwriting adventure ended nearly a week ago and we are still buzzing from all the positive energy. Each morning we would wake up slowly, one by one, and mosey to the kitchen where Trevor would start brewing a massive…Read more

Songwriting Retreat Day 1

Yesterday we had a great day driving Upstate. It was a sweet feeling to leave the city, knowing we were headed to the countryside. We stocked up on delicious groceries at the local Hannaford grocery store and then picked up…

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Fort Vine Songwriting Retreat

In two days we will pack up all our music gear from our Brooklyn studio and head into the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York for a week-long songwriting retreat! (16th-22nd) We will be living together, drinking coffee every morning…

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Fort Vine Nature Tagging

As we were walking through the woods in Upstate New York, all leafy-brown and ready for winter, we felt the energy of the forest move us and began to get creative! We collected twigs, ferns, acorns, berries, pine needles and… Read more

Central Washington University Article

After our performance at Central Washington University we were interviewed by The CWU Observer. Nick Oliver wrote a great article from our interview. If you read carefully you may learn where the inspiration for our band's name came from. You…Read more

Central Washington University Show

We recently traveled out to the West Coast to play a show at Central Washington University. It was hosted similar to a KEXP show and we were interviewed during the performance. We had the coolest time traveling around Washington, Nyna's…Read more