Sewing With Fort Vine

Our new Fort Vine T-Shirts are finally complete! Thank you to everyone who already bought one! You are going to love these shirts. We will be mailing out all our pre-orders in a week, after we return from our Washington…Read more

Fort Vine Interview

A brief interview with Nyna Nelson and Trevor Tunison.

Filmed by Michael Lamarra. You can see more of his work here. Opening live recording session filmed by Rolling Rhinos Production at Room 17. (

Fort Vine Live Duet Set at Gussy's Bar

Nyna Nelson and Trevor Tunison will be playing a duet show at Gussy's Bar in Astoria, NY. 20-14 29th Street NY, NY 11105. Catch us at 9:00 PM. Breath deeply.  

Designing Our New T-Shirt!

Here is the final sketch of the t-shirt design! We decided to call it "Kingdom of Lines". Please check out our "Store" tab to purchase yours now!