"Fort Vine's recent single "Key To Love" was featured recently in an add on Apple's Instagram page, but that's no coincidence. Apple has a history of having great taste in music and this is no exception. The vocal line soars over the percussive instrumentation and the chant like background vocals make this a truly unique song that taps into that visceral part of the human spirit.  If this doesn't make you want to dance I don't know what will."


"Since their humble beginnings, the group’s sound has slowly evolved- from atmospheric folk, to Fleetwood Mac-ish pop and throughout the intervening years, the group has performed everywhere from Greenwich Village’s Rockwood Music Hall to Central Park’s Naumburg Bandshell."

-The New York Observer 

"Fort Vine blends musical sophistication with unexpected twists, rich layering, catchy elements, and some of the smoothest vocals around into a fully cohesive alt-art rock project." 

"Fort Vine is a phenomenal group of four musicians who write songs that are simultaneously catchy yet ultra creative and perform them with full energy and flavor." 

-Shrine World Music Venue