Our Story

Imagine Fleetwood Mac, Fleet Foxes, and The Beach Boys sitting around a campfire, having a deep conversation about life. Set that to music, and you’ve got Fort Vine. Their music is something everyone can connect to; whether it be their sweeping melodies, rich harmonies, catchy rhythms, or poetic lyrics- there’s a lot to love about Fort Vine. They weave several genres of music together, from Indie-Rock to Folk-Pop, best described as Alternative Art-Rock. 

More than just music, Fort Vine is also a place- a tree fort nestled in a secret corner of abandoned overgrowth on the crowded island of Manhattan. Frontcouple, Trevor Tunison and Nyna Nelson, built it together when they first met. It’s their favorite hang-out spot. It takes a keen eye to find it, but it’s there, hidden among the trees.

Fort Vine, the band, is also one of Manhattan’s best kept secrets- although, people are starting to catch on. Their live performance fills every venue with positive energy, radiating through dancing crowds and lingering in the hearts of all who hear them.

Front man, Trevor Tunison, from the Catskill Mountains in upstate NY, grew up building forts in his back forest, sculpting clay figures, and singing with the trees- a magical childhood by anyone’s standards.

Fate can only explain how he met his front woman, Nyna Nelson, from central Washington State. She moved to New York with a suitcase and a dream, which spiraled into something completely different once she stumbled into Tunison on their building’s front stoop. Who knew she needed to move to New York to relive her favorite childhood pastime of building tree forts and writing songs?

When Luke Markham, Fort Vine’s drummer, found his way to NYC from Buffalo, it was only natural he should join the band after he and Tunison had collaborated in college a few years prior. Markham makes Fort Vine move like no one else can, especially in the presence of Kenny Johnson, their bass guitarist and third-part-harmony face-melter. Hailing from Colorado, Johnson moved all across the US playing music before landing in the big city, and joining the band. 

Ancient legend has it, if you put your ear up to any living tree, you can hear Fort Vine’s music playing...