Fort Vine is an indie-folk band named after a secret tree fort in Manhattan, built by songwriting duo, Trevor Tunison and Nyna Nelson. Their feel-good music embraces every audience with open arms as their strong harmonies resonate with meaningful poetry and happy grooves.

Named one of NYC's best unsigned bands by the New York Observer, Fort Vine has been continually touring the US in their diy-converted sprinter van, Gypsee Bungalow, since March 2018- an adventure that was recently chronicled in the May 2020 issue of the esteemed travel magazine Fifty Grande. Their music is featured in the popular film, TransWorld SNOWboarding: Origins, as well as Facebook Watch's new web-series, Five Points, and Apple's viral Solar Eclipse campaign. Fort Vine successfully crowd-funded the vinyl pressing of their first two records via and, and are about to release their third vinyl, "Primordial Mirror of Cosmic Reflection", set to be pressed this fall, crafted by Gotta Groove Records and Wax Mage Records.


"Fort Vine hooked us big time with their mega catchy tune “Late At Night.” Performed and produced to perfection, the hook bops and grabs the listener. It is high-quality rock and roll with a pop vibe. Totally addictive and worth checking out…right now."


 "Fort Vine's recent single "Key To Love" was featured recently in an add on Apple's Instagram page, but that's no coincidence. Apple has a history of having great taste in music and this is no exception. The vocal line soars over the percussive instrumentation and the chant like background vocals make this a truly unique song that taps into that visceral part of the human spirit.  If this doesn't make you want to dance I don't know what will."


"Since their humble beginnings, the group’s sound has slowly evolved- from atmospheric folk, to Fleetwood Mac-ish pop and throughout the intervening years, the group has performed everywhere from Greenwich Village’s Rockwood Music Hall to Central Park’s Naumburg Bandshell."

-The New York Observer 

"Fort Vine blends musical sophistication with unexpected twists, rich layering, catchy elements, and some of the smoothest vocals around into a fully cohesive alt-art rock project."

"Fort Vine is a phenomenal group of musicians who write songs that are simultaneously catchy yet ultra creative and perform them with full energy and flavor."

-Shrine World Music Venue


Nyna Nelson