1. Say Hello

From the recording Say Hello

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All music and lyrics written by Trevor Tunison and Nyna Nelson
Performed by Trevor Tunison and Nyna Nelson
Recorded in West Bellwood Closet Studios, Sun City West, AZ
Executive Producers: Mark Nelson and Carol Nelson
Produced by Trevor Tunison and Nyna Nelson
Mixed by Ted Young
Mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering
Album art and design by Trevor Tunison
© 2020 Fort Vine All Rights Reserved
Background vocals on “Say Hello” by Marisa Nelson

Special thanks to Mark and Carol Nelson, for without whom, this album would not exist.
Heartfelt appreciation to our friends and family, who have shown us unending support and love.
Big thanks to everyone who opened their home to us and made us feel like family while we were on the road. You’ve made these last three years of touring in Gypsee Bungalow absolutely incredible.


There’s an energy flow that spirals through
Every single moment
You can surf it like a big wave
Do you want to wake up early to catch the sun
On the horizon
Greet the brand new day
And say hello

Say hello

We’re gonna open up wide like a flower
Rising up from the seedling
Stretch our pedals across the sky
My, my
Love’s been waiting outside of our hearts
Like a stranger at the front door
We should ask her to come inside
And say hello

Say hello

Hey my, my
Take a look at the sky
See the love in all creation
Catch that wave and make each day
Fill you with inspiration

Na na na na Na na na na Na na na Na
Say Hello